Beginning Counselling and Hypnotherapy Sessions


The First Session


The first session is really a “getting to know” each other session. It gives you the opportunity to see whether you feel comfortable with me, and vice-versa and for us to begin to explore some of the issues which have brought you to Counselling or Hypnotherapy. Some people will have a clear understanding of the goals they want to achieve from Counselling or Hypnotherapy and others may not be so sure, but either way we will work together and decide how to proceed. I offer both short-term and long-term counselling for individuals. 


​Counselling provides a safe, accepting and non-judgemental relationship to help you gain insight, self-awareness and develop the coping skills you need to manage difficult emotions, relationships, and challenging situations. It is not simply talking about your problems. It is about working towards your goals for the things you can change and accepting the things you can’t change.


In essence, it can help you heal from your past and enable you to cope with a greater sense of awareness and self -confidence. I work with many issues such as bereavement and loss, abuse, anxiety, depression, trauma, low self-esteem and many more issues.


This initial consultation will last approximately half an hour, it can be in person or by telephone.

After our initial session, further sessions can be arranged, or you may feel that you would like to think about whether this is for you and make contact when you have come to a decision. The choice is yours, it’s vital that you feel comfortable with me as a good therapeutic relationship is necessary to achieve the positive outcomes you are looking for. Each session will be tailored to your needs for as long as it is useful for you. You are under no obligation to commit yourself to a set number of sessions. There are no set time scales.